Prepaid credit cards can help with impulsive or emotional spending: Experts

TORONTO — Ellie Clin uses a Wealthsimple Cash prepaid Visa to pay for gifts, takeout, groceries, entertainment and other non-essential expenses and saves her bank’s Visa card for larger purchases and monthly bills.“I’ve never been good at formal budgeting with spreadsheets and receipts. When I was using my main bank account for personal and entertainment spending, I found there were some months where I’d go to pay my Visa bill and gulp because I knew I had overspent,” said Clin, a 35-year-old program director in Kitchener, Ont.“I like being able to just look at the balance in my Cash account and have a simple yes or no answer to whether or not I can afford something at the moment.”Clin isn't alone.

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This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 22, 2022.Leah Golob, The Canadian Press