Interest rates are consistently on the rise. 

                  Our In-House Mortgage Team can offer a 120 day rate hold to lock in today's                lower rates for your future purchase.

 If rates go up, you don't need to worry. Here's why:

You can shop with confidence for your home knowing that you are locked in at today's rates. You won't be rushed into a purchase by the fear of rising interest rates. 

A rate hold gives you a Plan B. In a worst case scenario, this will be your rate when all conditions are met and your house closes within the 120 days. You are planning ahead by knowing what the rate will be. 

                  You will have the dual benefit of a rate hold and a mortgage pre-approval.               Once the pre-approval process starts, your Mortgage Agent can put a hold on the rate while you shop and complete your qualification. You're checking two important boxes in one!



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